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    This site differs from my other sites. Here is content that would not naturally fit in, or be directly relevant to, my vocational-political context. It has a transient nature - all text is in continual change.


    It does not mean that anything here is less valid or important, only that this is a place to write, post and share freely - and a place for initial, preliminary drafts. Temporary outlines will later merge with my primary content. Perhaps you have landed up here at Home instead of at a specific link from somewhere. The Search function then comes in handy, as do the Menus.


    Soria Moria, the Hub, and Astrologically Spoken give an overview. My approach in writing is explained there.


    Norselark :)


    Oslo, Norway

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    May 2018


  • Traversing Antarctica

    Governmental and Flat Earth tenets

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    Norway is an integral part of this scenario. Investigating the unanswered and unresolved Questions about Antarctica will be a project to be pursued here.




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